Cosmic Jetpack Oy

Developer & CEO
Markus Piipari
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Based in Helsinki, we are a small family business comprised of two experienced professionals, highly skilled in designing and developing native applications on all of Apple's platforms: the Mac, iPhone and iPad.

Client Work

Our latest work for clients includes the following products.


Launched in late 2015, Manuscripts is a native Mac application for scientists for outlining, writing and submitting papers, articles and other kinds of scientific documents. Users enthusiastically embraced the application, with feedback such as:

“I like the simplicity and focus.”
“The software has a very natural feel, very nice and easy to use.”
“This will be my new favorite app for work.”

Involved in developing and designing every aspect of the application, our work was done in Objective-C, Swift, JavaScript and XML technologies.

Papers for Mac 3.0

Papers is a popular scientists' reference manager for the Mac, iOS and Windows that received an Apple Design Award in 2007, and an Ars Technica award in 2010.

From 2013 to 2014, we helped the Papers team with developing Papers 3.0 for Mac, with all work done in Objective-C.

Mendor Balance for Mac

Mendor Balance, a web-based tool for clinics and their patients with diabetes, comes with a Mac client for uploading blood sugar measurements to the service.

Implemented in Objective-C and C, the product integrates several manufacturers' metering devices & data formats.